Saturday, November 07, 2020

The New Gun Run

 It looks like the new run on guns and ammo has kicked off.

Biden made no secret about wanting a new "assault weapons ban", whatever that means.  There are plenty of YouTube videos out there breaking it down for us, so I'll let you search on your own.

I have my riffles, and I hope you do too.

The one upside to this whole thing is that Joe Biden was a fairly ineffective legislator, and there is no reason to believe that he's gotten any better in the 12 years since he left the Senate. His platform is pretty scary, and it's a pain in the butt to have to use the Supreme Court, but I don't think that they want to revisit Heller or McDonald.

Biden may claim that he has a mandate, but I don't think so.  This wasn't the most closely contested presidential election in our history, but it wasn't a landslide.

President Trump still has his legal challenges, but I don't know how that is going to work out.

I know that if Biden prevails, we're going to have plenty to blog about over the next four years.


Anonymous said...

I said this in 2016 and I think it's just as true today:

"....about 3500 upper level positions in the federal government are filled by a new, incoming administration. Hillary Clinton is so corrupt and incompetent as to require a new definition of those terms, and the only people with whom she - and her husband - associate are just as corrupt as she is, and from those ranks will come the 3500 people who will be in charge of the federal government, its agencies, programs and operations."

The same is true of Joe Biden - and Kamala Harris - in spades.

I made a wager in 2016 that should Hillary Clinton win the Presidency she would not complete her term because somewhere around the beginning of her fourth year she and Bill would have to escape at midnight with their suitcases of cash to a country without extradition to the U.S. because by then we would be in a full blown gunfire in the streets and blood in the gutters insurrection with large groups of people with ropes chasing her and Bill.

I'll make the same wager in 2020, just changing the names.

Anonymous said...

IF China Joe is actually sworn in, he will probably be "pResident" for about 15 minutes after he names a cabinet. Heels Up Harris is salivating that she can be pResident via the 25th amendment process to remove a sitting president.The big question is can we save the Senate. Unless something changes, the 2 senate seats in Georgia will Who controls the government. I URGE everyone to donate as much as they can to the Republicans running,

Bterclinger said...

If you haven't donated today to the legal costs to fight Biden stealing the election, please do so NOW, and forward it on!

And unless you also want Chuck Schumer and the Democrats to have control of the Senate, where they can then add 4 new states/8 NEW Democrat Senate seats and then easily pack the Supreme Court, you need to donate to the joint Georgia candidates fund for saving the U.S. Senate!

And please copy this message and spread it around!