Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Louisiana Goes Back to Phase 2

Our governor is taking us back to what he calls a modified Phase 2 in the fight against the Wu-Flu.

He tried to be upbeat about it, saying that eventually, and for what he might be in several months, that we could put the virus "in our rearview mirror".  We can only hope.

It is my continued prayer that once this virus is behind us, that the Governor spends as much time, energy, and political capital on opening Louisiana as he has spent on the virus.  He could start by telling the various health departments to leave businesses alone for 10 months, tell the State Fire Marshal to go home for 10 months, unless something is actually smoldering after a fire,   Tell the alcohol inspectors to take an extended vacation.

Louisiana has seen a terrible contraction of personal and business freedom for the past 10 months, and the least the Governor can do, when this is over, to let us roar without being hounded by functionary, officious bureacrats.  


Whatever said...

Your incessant whining about personal freedoms are irrelevant in the middle of a global pandemic. People like you are why it’s still a problem. Grow up.

robert william orians said...

Global pandemic ! Ha!Ha!Ha! 99.69% survival rate worldwide is not even a bad flu like we had in 69 . The Hong Kong flu in 69 targeted babies and pregnant mothers . My wife was pregnant with my youngest daughter . And nobody shut down a thing.

Joe Jackson said...

I've added you to my blog roll - will ya consider adding me to yours?




Steve Sky said...

He sounds like he has tasted the flavor of Authoritarian Rule, and enjoys its' taste. Although I'll note he isn't the only Governor who has gone that way.