Monday, November 16, 2020

I'm Just Sayin'

 I'm not one to downplay new treatments for anythig, and I think that medical science has done wonders to improve our lives.  

It seems that some doctors are treating women with testosterone.

“We’ve been treating men for low testosterone,” said Dr. Meir Daller of Gulfstream Urology. “Those men come home and the women say ‘Wow he feels great, he’s energetic, he’s a different person, his mood swings are gone,’ and they say, ‘Hey, I also want to feel great.'”

That's all well and good, and I hope it helps with whatever problem they are having, but I made myself a promise a long time ago.  I will never kiss a woman who can grow a better mustache than I can.

I'm just sayin'. 


Judy said...

Women produce testosterone naturally in minute amounts. If you are not producing testosterone in the correct amounts it leads to all kinds of symptoms, fatigue being one of them.

Anonymous said...
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robert william orians said...

My but the natives are restless tonight . His sorry fat old ass can outdraw you before you get that bowl of crack fired up . Just sayin' .

Jonathan H said...

Everybody has a balance of testosterone and estrogen in their bodies; too much or too little of either causes problems.