Sunday, November 22, 2020

11/19/20 - Gov. John Bel Edwards' Update

Below, I've shared the briefing of Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards from this pat Friday.  He has some guest speakers, but skip forward to the 43:00 minute mark.  He talks about what Louisiana neds to do to slow the spread of Covid as we enter into the holiday season.

I understand his frustration.  Many of us here in Louisiana are tired of Covid, fatigued, and ready for a return to something that approximates normality.  Now may not be the time, and most of us are doing the absolute minimum that he requires.  He talks about his hope that next Thanksgiving we can gaher and give thanks for all our blessings,

My prayer this season is that once this is behind us, our Governor will exert as much time and energy in expanding freedom i Louisiana as he has spent contracting freedom during this Covid  emergency.

That is my prayer, but I have no expectation.  His first tern was marked by mass out-migration, decreasing property values, and an expansion of the welfare state.   The good news in all of this is thta a vaccine is supposedly in final trials and this crisis might be over in a very few months.  The other good news is that i an hearing rumors that Bel is being considered for a couple of positions in the Biden administration.  One, is Secretary of the Army.  Bel is a West Point graduate, and a tabbed Ranger.  The other rumor (which I think is a hoot) is that he is being considered as an ambassador the Vatican.

Louisiana needs freedom, and I think that John Bel Edwards is neither politically nor philosophically inclined to deliver it for us.  That would require a sever reduction of government influence in our daily lives, and he is simply not suited for that task. 


Termite said...

I vote he goes to Rome.

He could do much mischief as Sec of the Army.

robert william orians said...

I have read way too many articles on treatment for severe patients that actually work and reduce symptoms and deaths such as the zinc/hydroxy/ivermectin cocktail . Doctors around the world have saved many lives but yet the powers that be act like they don't want a cure unless it makes a lot of money for big pharma . Better tyranny through political medicine .

Old NFO said...

Just get him OUT of the state...

Steve Sky said...

I'll note how the goalposts have shifted. It used to be reducing the Corona deaths, now the is shrieking about reducing the Corona cases. But it's still being used to expand government at the expense of civil liberties.