Monday, November 09, 2020

Benford's Law - Numberphile

Ever heard of Benford's Law?  Me neither.  Evidently it is a statistical tool used to evaluate large data sets.  Because numbers follow predictable patterns in naturally occurring data sets, then anything that deviates from these patterns is predictive of un-natural influences. 

It seems that in the huge data set of the US National Election, most candidates votes follow Benford's Law.  Except Joe Biden's.  Especially in those counties in swing states that mattered.

From my limited reading, Benford's law won't tell us what happened, it only tells us that something happened to cause a large data set to deviate from what we could normally expect to happen in large data sets.  It's one indicator of fraud.

Odd, ain't it?

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Termite said...


It wasn't all of Biden's votes that did this. In California, New York, and most other blue states, votes for all candidates followed Bedford's Law. It was in the battleground states that things went squirrely.

Is the American public supposed to believe that in those five states, we went to bed with Trump in the lead, all five states stopped reporting totals for three hours; then all five states started reporting again 3 hrs later, and in all five Trump suddenly is behind?