Tuesday, November 10, 2020

What Might One Do

What might one do when he is sitting around the shop listening to the radio?  Why, clean a rifle, of course.

Today, it was the Scout's turn.  I bought the rifle in 2015, a Savage Scout.  This particular model is either the 3rd of 4th generation of Savage Scouts.  I talk about it here.  I haven't shot it a terribly lot, simply because shortly after I purchased it, I got involved in Cowboy Fast Draw and started spending money buying sing-action revolvers.

After servicing the rifle, and remembering how much I like it and why I bought it, I realized that magazines were empty and found a couple of boxes of Federal 150 grain soft point ammo that needed to find a purpose.

Now, I feel as if I've accomplished something today, and when I get ready to head for the woods, it will simply be a matter of grabbing the gun bag.

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