Friday, November 06, 2020

It May Be Over

 It looks like the mail-in ballots swung the pendulum to Biden's side.  Decision Desk has just called the race in Pennsylvania for Joe Biden, and their electoral votes puts him over the 270 needed to win.

On Friday morning just before 9 a.m. Eastern, Decision Desk called the State of Pennsylvania for Democratic nominee Joe Biden, giving Biden 273 electoral votes and the presidency. According to Decision Desk, Biden win with just over 5,000 votes. The vote-counting is not over yet, however. The results take some time to confirm and President Donald Trump’s campaign has formally requested a recount in at least one swing state.

It isn't looking good for the home team in Arizona, nor in Georgia.   Mail-in ballots seem to be the key to winning close races.  How many of those are fraudulent are yet to be seen, but we may never know the answer to that question.

As of this writing, it looks like we kept control of the Senate, and made gains in the House.  Hopefully our legislators can stand as a firewall against the more onerous depredations of a Biden administration.

I'm sure that Biden is breathing a sigh of relief.  It's fairly settled law that no one can indict a sitting president, so he's safe for the time being.  With his Justice Dept., it's highly questionable whether Hunter will ever be prosecuted for money laundering.

I have a feeling that the Biden years are going to be very interesting.


robert william orians said...

The fat lady ain't singing yet. There is still a strong push from the right to expose the rampant voter fraud . check out Steve Bannons War Room . And Western Rifle Shooters Association.

Termite said...

It may not be as bad as many folks think.

The GOP is going to pickup at least 6 seats in the House, likely 9, and possibly 11.
The GOP is going to hold the Senate.
SCOTUS is at least 5-4 conservative, and on some issues, 6-3.

"Bitch" McConnell has apparently found his testicles, and has reportedly already put Biden & Company on notice not to send any radical nominees to the Senate for confirmation; he supposedly said "Send me some centrists/moderates if you want them confirmed". So Crazy Bernie is unlikely to become Treasury Secretary.

Hispanics are getting their backsides fired up against the DNC. Trump flipped Zapata county in Texas, which is something like 95% Hispanic. Rio Grande border counties are turning pink-to-red in a way that scares the Dems.
It's more than making up for the "white" suburbanites that starting to turn lite blue.

Be of good cheer, we fight a "holding action" until 2022.

Termite said...

Oh, and something else:

The "Rust Belt" centrist Dems are some kind of annoyed with Vodka Nancy, and are rumbling that she needs to go, and a moderate "deal-maker" be Speaker.

Plus, the upcoming infighting spectacle between the AOC acolytes and the sensible Dems should be worthy of beer & popcorn.

Jonathan H said...

The race isn't over yet. If you look at, which I personally find more trustworthy than most sites, the race is still up in the air.
The Dems WANT the race to be over, which is very different than it actually being over...