Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Whatever, In Comments

 So, this snowflake in comments, Whatever, decides to put his fingers to the keyboard and reveal to the world that he has no concept of liberty.  I'll insert his comment below so you can all enjoy it.

Whatever said...

Your incessant whining about personal freedoms are irrelevant in the middle of a global pandemic. People like you are why it’s still a problem. Grow up.

Incessant whining?  Really!  I've thoroughly read the Constitution and cannot find anywhere the term "global pandemic".

For the record, I know that Covid is real, and I know it kills people.  And, I have done things and modified my behavior to protect those around me.  I wear a mask when it is appropriate.  

I also believe that personal liberty is more important than government restrictions.  For that small business owner, his or her business is essential.  Personal, face-to-face educationist essential.

Fourteen days to slow the spread has turned into nine months of crippling restrictions.  And, from what little I have seen, it hasn't gotten any better.

But, Whatever, if you read the post, I was talking about the time after the pandemic.  My prayer is now, and has been for many months, that when this is over, governors dedicate as much time, effort and energy as they dedicated to restricting freedom, they should expend that much energy expanding freedom.

I think that the next five or six months is crucial to putting this disastrous disease behind us, and we should all do what we can to limit the effects.  When it's over, I want the governors to expand freedom at a dramatic rate.  But, I fear that many governors have become accustomed to their power, and that many Americans have become accustomed to a nanny government that tells us what government thinks is best for us.


Anonymous said...

Go to Worldometer, look up your state. I'm in GA and the current "Surge" looks very much like what took place in June and July. We can't stop the spread, only slow it down. We know who is vulnerable, do we shut the country down and ruin our ability to care for the sick and vulnerable? Why the difference between now and June? It was just starting in November, the elections came too early so we couldn't lock down for the vote, but apparently we can lock down so that if we have to vote over the voters won't be gather at the polls. Mail in ballots will still be a must.

My sister works at an old folks home, more residents have had valuables stolen in the last week than died from COVID since this started. The staff has been going to great lengths on COVID. At some point, those of us who are healthy need our life back. Rather than tell us to take vitamin D and to respect and help those who are at greater risk the politicians are instead wrecking the economy and wrecking the holidays. This seems more of a powergasm than truly trying to help the population at large.

raven said...

It's not about the guns.
It's not about the climate.
It's not about the virus.
It's about CONTROL.

be603 said...

Nevermind the PCR test is a complete panic-o-meter lie.

Cycling as many as 45 times so that any RNA fragments get called a positive.

Soon as they decide to turn off the panic and give Crazy Uncle Joe and/or a vaccine credit all they will do is standard on running 30 cycles.

Et voila, positive test rates plummet! Yea, fun with gauges, tests and numbers.

Whatever said...

Your personal liberty isn’t. Your stupid whining about ‘after’ is just that.

You are the problem.

Termite said...

Blogger Whatever said...
Your personal liberty isn’t. Your stupid whining about ‘after’ is just that.

You are the problem.

Please elaborate further. Inquiring minds want to know.

Bob said...

Whatever wants a job loading Deplorables onto the cattle cars to the re-education gulag. Eff him.

Jonathan H said...

As multiple judges in multiple states have said, there is no pandemic exception to the Constitution.
If you want to change how society works, lobby your legislature to change the law and lobby your governor to sign it. Don't twist health rules and exaggerate a minor disease to change against the will of the people...