Saturday, November 14, 2020

New Mexico Going On Lockdown

 Just got a call from my younger son, who lives in New Mexico.  It seems that their Democrat governor has ordered a two-week lockdown.

I have said before, and I'll say again, that whatever the legacy of these governors, we should remember that they have presided over the most severe contraction of personal freedom since Reconstruction.  

I pray that once this thing is over, (and it will be at some point)  that those same governors expend as much energy and focus on expanding liberty across their states.  This contraction of liberty is un-paralleled in US history and cannot be allowed to go unpunished.

I know that Covid is real and will extract a price from us.  I wonder if the price it will extract will be a return to bondage, or a revitalization of the American dream.


robert william orians said...

If I was that skeered of life I would just stick my Desert Eagle in my mouth and swallow it . I'm in the endangered group if nothing other other than my age but how can I tell my 12 year old great grandson on the next hill over he can't live his life cause the old man is scared ? Fook you ! Me and the babies are gonna' kill that bird and have a feast with 30 or so kinfolk round the old Shenandoah with a gallon of homemade Elderberry Wine . It has been known to render you not only unconscious but also immune to colds,flus,and viruses of all types.

Termite said...

By what logic would the New Mexico governor close down golf courses? 99% of golf is done with 5 or less people per game. Outdoors. Where the risk of transmission is very low.

Oh, wait....there I go using logic again.......silly me.