Thursday, November 19, 2020

We're Not There Yet

 Running errands yesterday, the big topic of discussion was the Covid shutdown that many states are experiencing  Louisiana was one of he harder hit states, due to New Orleans and Mardi Gras, flooding he state with the Wu-flu.  We've been under restrictions ever since, starting with a Stay At Home order, continuing through Phase 1, 2, and we're currently in what the Governor calls Phase 3, but most of us consider Phase 2.5.

We are still under a mask mandate, which seems to be in effect only in the big box stores.  In smaller, family run businesses, you seldom see a mask, and i many restaurants, you seldom see a mask.  The Churches have long since ignored the Governor, still believing that the First Amendment applies to the states and the Church is governed by a higher power.

But, with the wave of Covid running through the other states, it is a topic of discussion, and the rumor ill is interested.  The Governor addressed those rumors yesterday, saying simply, "We're not there yet."  Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and the Governor still has plenty of time to put a damper on the holidays.  He'll probably time his announcement to achieve the maximum outrage.

PawPaw as to leave this acre in another hour, to go help grandson Zach get out of the dorm at LA Tech.  His quarter ends today, and everyone has to move out of the dorm until they return in early December. for the Winner quarter.  Tech is on the quarter system, as opposed to the semester system.  It's just another way of breaking up the school year.  It's a pretty day for a drive, so I'll take advantage of the nice weather.


Anonymous said...

Hope your trip is scenic and uneventful as far as car drama goes. Tell your Grandson to make darn sure any school fines / fees are paid up to avoid registration problems in Winter session.

Old NFO said...

Concur with Anon. Tech has been BAD about that for years... Even when I was there in 69/70, they would screw over students in a heartbeat!