Wednesday, November 04, 2020

Belle's Cartridge Box

 The ladies of Cowboy Fast Draw like their bling, and some like to show up at shoots with a nice cartridge box.  Weekend past, Belle ad I traveled to the Jasper County Cowboy Church for their fall festival, and wile we were there, she picked up a small box with gunfighter bling on it.

So, during this election madness this week, I did some measuring, and seeing how I could make a usable cartridge box.  I decided to cut down an MTM P-100 series box so that she could have her loaded ammo ready and have a bit of room to drop empties.  In the lid, to provide a bit of padding, I cut down a CFDA mouse pad that I wasn't using.

Now, my gal can carry sufficient ammo for a weekend shoot in a box that suits her style.  She inspected it and declared it suitable, so I'm doe wit this project.

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Old NFO said...

Very nice!