Tuesday, November 10, 2020

The Problem With The Press

 The problem with the press is that they have seemed to lack all manner of objectivity.  Instapundit has for years described them as "Democrat operatives with bylines", but the willful lack of objectivity and total lack of curiosity abut anything that runs counter to the narrative is appalling.

There is no conceivable doubt that there were Democrat shenanigans during this past election.  Half of America is wondering what-the-hell happened, yet the press seems to be absolutely disinterested in  knowing how many votes were tampered with, 

The head of the GOP in Michigan, Roma McDaniel, has filed a suit alleging misconduct across a broad swath of Michigan.  In her press briefing yesterday she detailed 131 affidavits of wrong-doing.

McDaniel detailed the claims of many of the affidavits. “I hope you look at these affidavits,” she told the press. “And I hope you hear from the people who were there [in Detroit].” She also urged the media to care about the reports of voter fraud and intimidation instead of just ignoring or suppressing them as they have been doing and moving on with the news cycle as if their declaration of a win for Biden is the final word on the matter.

But, the press is so giddy with the thought that they won, that they chose to heckler her instead. 

If there is oe count of voter fraud, t should be investigated and prosecuted.  The integrity of the process is vital to the continued assessment of the population that our process is fair and equitable. Whoever is in charge should insist that our election process be rigorous and equitable.  

For a time, I was involved in politics.  I ran as a candidate.  I lost, but I took solace in the knowledge that the process was fair and that the people of my parish had made their choice. I was okay with that.

If, though, the American people ever lose faith in the electoral process, if they lose faith in the ballot box, the only alternative might be the cartridge box.

It is time for the press to become curious about election shenanigans, because the alternative is simply unthinkable.


BobF said...

PawPaw, you are a generous and kind man (but that's not news). I would substitute lack of honesty for lack of objectivity in any description of their character and behavior.

Anonymous said...

But who is setting the agenda? The Democrat Party or the press? I think its the press.