Monday, October 31, 2016

The Hits Just Keep A-Coming

After the shoot this weekend, I looked at some news sites yesterday, and was amused at the revelations described by the various news outlets.  For those of you just catching up, it seems that the FBI, while investigating the pedophilic activities of long-time Democrat Anthony Weiner, stumbled across a batch of emails in an electronic folder belonging to his wife, Huma Abedin.  Huma, of course, is a close aide to career criminal Hillary Clinton.

Jim Comey, the embattled FBI Director, sent a letter to Congress.

The Democrats immediately went ape-shit crazy.

The FBI got a new warrant to look at the emails in that folder, rumored to be something in the neighborhood of 650,000 files.  Some of those are probabkly duplicates, but it is a staggering amount of emails that directely relate to the Clinton homebrew server and the Clinton Crime Family activities.

It seems that the immunity agreements that the various players got under the earlier investigation have now "gone south".  If law enforcement can make the case using new evidence that is  found in another location, all bets are off and everyone can go to prison.  650,000 emails is a lot to sift through, but the FBI has found a gold-mine of incriminating evidence.

David Burge summed it up best. "FBI finds 650k Hillary State Dept emails on PC of notorious dickpic pervert. Headlines: "Comey Embroiled in Controversy"

Regardless of what the Democrats say, we should remember that this whole brouhaha is Hillary's fault.  She did it, against the advice of everyone (and often in violation of the law).  This entire monkey-circus was solely for her convenience.  Somebody should have told her no.


Mike Silvius said...

At first glance I was exited about the news that the FBI was reopening the investigation. Now I am thinking it is all a ruse. And that is why the main stream media is giving it air time when the normally would ignore it. You know Comey and Lynch are bought and paid for, she goes down so do they and Obumer too. So long as it is a closed case congress can request and act upon any evidence and make it public and it is very damaging for her. So long as it is an open case no evidence can be disclosed and Lynch and Comey have control over the evidence thus protecting the Hildabeast. In short order we will hear the announcement; "nothing to see here folks, move along, nothing to see". And once more Hitlery will skate as she always does. I wont be happy until I see her hauled away in handcuffs.

Mike Silvius said...

Nov-6-5pm east coast time
Comey just announced.."nothing to see here" and will not indict.
I told you so...