Tuesday, October 11, 2016

That Comment

We all heard it during the debate on Sunday, where Donald Trump interrupted Hillary Clinton to tell her that she'd be in jail.  Here's the clip, if you missed it.

Of course, the left immediately bent this into a slam on Trump, comparing him to a potential dictator who would jail political opponents.  But, that's not what the rest of us heard.  Of course, here in the United States we don't jail political opponents.  There are hard-fought races all over the country, and when it's over, and the voters have spoken, the winners take office and the losers go back to their private lives.  That's how we do it in the United States.

But, Hillary is a criminal.  Seriously, there are people in prison right now who did the same things that Hillary is accused of.  As we learn more about the still-born FBI investigation that I now call Comey's Disgrace,  Were she not running for the presidency, she might well be prosecuted.

No less a conservative icon than Newt Gingrinch makes the same point at The Blaze.
“Hillary Clinton herself is so corrupt that we really need to handle it as a criminal justice matter, not just a campaign matter,” he said. “I thought, in many ways, that was the most important conversation starter of the whole evening.”
 Gingrinch is right, which is why the FBI should be a non-political, bipartisan, absolutely independent agency that has the confidence of the American people.  Unfortunately, Comey has squandered that confidence.  The revelations keep coming about immunity deals, destruction of evidence, destruction of federal records, obstruction of justice, the hits just keep on coming.

Gingrich is right.  This is the conversation we should be having.  The perception right now is that powerful politicians get a pass from the system.  Unpunished corruption is yet another facet of a totalitarian government that we should not tolerate.

But, what's most mind-blowing is that there are Americans who are going to vote for her.  Probably the most corrupt career politician of my lifetime, and she stands a good chance of becoming President.


Eaton Rapids Joe said...

I wonder if any FBI agents resigned. I want to think that many did but know that the system has many ways of coercing compliance.

Robert Fowler said...

I think that Hillary and Comey both should be prosecuted.