Wednesday, October 12, 2016

More on Comey's Disgrace

It looks like there are problems in the FBI.  One of those problems was that lots of agents and trial lawyers on the Hillary investigation were stunned when Comey decided to not prosecute.  Fox News reports:
The source, who spoke to on the condition of anonymity, said FBI Director James Comey’s dramatic July 5 announcement that he would not recommend to the Attorney General’s office that the former secretary of state be charged left members of the investigative team dismayed and disgusted. More than 100 FBI agents and analysts worked around the clock with six attorneys from the DOJ’s National Security Division, Counter Espionage Section, to investigate the case.
“No trial level attorney agreed, no agent working the case agreed, with the decision not to prosecute -- it was a top-down decision,” said the source, whose identity and role in the case has been verified by
Go to the link and read the whole thing.  It's a stunning indictment of a political coverup that damages the integrity of the FBI.

It's looking more and more like Comey sold out.  Plainly sold his integrity.  I hope he got a golden parachute, because if I ever get the chance, I'm going to piss on his shoes and tell him that it's raining.

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kamas716 said...

You may have to stand in line to take that piss.