Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Media Bias? What Media Bias?

By now, even the most unaware citizen knows of Trump's trash-talking.

But how about the video of Obama wagging his willy at female reporters?

Media bias?  Not at all.

Oh, and while everyone is focused on the election, our President's foreign policy is in shambles.  Russia is telling it's elite to bring their students back home.  The Mideast is a catastrophe.  Russia seems to be gambling on something, and we're not sure what that might be.  As Wretchard explains:
Either way there's trouble in Russia, little ducks. But unlike the super-submarine USS Alabama in the movie, the USS District of Columbia can't dive and can't change course.  No evasive action.  All it can do is proceed on a fixed heading on the surface, rudder jammed, dead slow, condition XRAY.
Our lame-duck semi-retired president may well get us into a real shooting war before he leaves office.

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