Sunday, October 16, 2016


One of the side matches we do sometimes in Cowboy Fast Draw is doubles.  Hitting two targets quick.  Some folks like to use two revolvers, but that's a lot harder than it looks, and missing a target incurs a fairly substantial penalty that is added to your time.

So, some shoot two revolvers, some shoot one revolver and try to get on both targets as quick as they can.  Yesterday, at Thorn Valley, we were practicing, and someone said Doubles.  So we marked a line at 15 feet and set up to practice.

Grandson Zach believes in the one-gun school of thought, so he set up to hit one target fast, then swing on the other one.  Zach is 14 years old, but a seasoned competitor.

That ain't bad for hitting two with a single action revolver.  It's not as fast as some of the SASS guys, but they practice this a lot more.

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Old NFO said...

Nice shooting! I'd love to see what Zach could do in SASS!