Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Trump's Taxes

I see that the Democrats are hyperventilating over Donald Trump's taxes, and I'm wondering what all the interest is a bout?   Trump is a billionaire with a good mind, who hires good accountants to make sure that what he does is legal and proper.

Back in the day when I was in business school, I had to take a couple of courses on taxes.  The professors (one tax attorney, as I recall, and several CPAs) all told us that the tax code was complex and infuriating at times, but that if a deduction was allowed and we didn't take it, then we were simply giving the money to the government.

If Trump used the tax code to his advantage, then it was both legal and proper.  He did it right, what's the problem?

Of course, there have been renewed calls for candidates to release their tax returns, and that might be a good idea, if it didn't smack of "gotcha".    I think that elected officials should release their tax returns so that we can see that they are not getting rich off of their public service.  Hillary, for example, or Harry Reid. You shouldn't be able to come into government pore n' starvin' and leave two decades later with a million in the bank.  That's not supposed to be the way it works.

Trump, on the other hand, has never been elected to anything.  He got rich by his own devices, and if he properly used the tax code to save himself from confiscation, I don't see a problem at all.

Hillary's problem, though is that she doesn't produce anything of value, doesn't risk her own .money at anything.  Jazz Shaw at Hor Air is all over it.  But, the best zinger on Hillary is at the bottom of the linked article, where Chuck Woolery lays her low on Twitter.
#Trump lost 1 billion of his money. #Hillary lost 6 billion of our money at the state department. There is a difference ya know.
Indeed, Chuck.  There is a difference.  Trump lost his own money, Hillary lost our money.


Murphy's Law said...

The selective whining over this is like how liberals still like to label pretty much every conservative who never served in the armed forces as a "draft dodger" when every one either chose not to or used a valid deferment process. They do this to mute the outrage over their icon, Bill Clinton, who actually DID get a draft notice despite all of his attempts to legally avoid being called up, and he fled the country to England. So yeah, he dodged the draft but the libdems ignore that and say that everyone else on the conservative side who did not run down to the nearest recruiter and demand to sign up and go to Vietnam "dodged" it too. This is the kind of BS that we have to deal with.

Anonymous said...

Trump got rich on his daddy's money, Hillary got famous on her husband's coat tails. They're both equally worthless.