Saturday, October 08, 2016

Saturday Morning

Yesterday, Milady and I went to a local church rodeo at the invitation of several folks.  They asked us to dress in period and strap up to show off Cowboy Fast Draw.  So, we went to the rodeo.  In cowboy attire, with our revolvers strapped to our hips, and talked to folks, handed out flyers, and let people see us.  We watched young'uns wrangle sheep, we watched teens bend poles, we saw other teens barrel-race.

For the couple of hours we were there, it was really nice to be in the company of good folks, enjoying a Friday night together in a rodeo arena.  This was a small-community rodeo.  No big prizes, no pressure, just folks enjoying the evening, with horses and children, and everyone cheering on everyone else.

In gun-friendly Louisiana, no one blinked an eye at a mature couple, walking around with revolvers on their hips.  We did generate some curiosity about Cowboy Fast Draw, and we'll see if it turns into any real interest.  We plan to return, and maybe do some demonstrations, maybe even a Town Folk Alley.

Woke this morning to temps in the 60's and a nice breeze out of the north.  A long-sleeved cotton shirt feels just right.  Milady and I are going to the club later, to try and enjoy this beautiful Saturday.

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