Sunday, October 09, 2016

Sunday Lunch

When I was growing up, the family gathered at my grandfather's house for Sunday lunch.  I remember sitting around a big, oval table after church, listening to the adults talk, while we all ate lunch together.  Some of my favorite memories are of times I spent in my grandmother's kitchen.

Several years ago, Milady and I began hosting the Sunday lunch.  Everyone is invited, and we always cook plenty.  We always feed ten to twenty people, depending on who shows up, so the meal has to be fairly easy, fairly economical, and very filling.  We've become quite adept at easy meals, and todays is no exception.  With temps in the 50s, we felt a need for a hearty, savory, comfort food, and Beef Tips fills the bill.  The fact that it's very easy is also part of the appeal, at least for the cooks.

This is another one of our "overnight slow-cooker" meals.  We put it on last night before bedtime, and with coffee this morning, the kitchen smells like heaven.  The beef is bubbling in the pot, and Milady's yeast rolls are rising.

So, today, it's beef tips.  The recipe is right here.

Y'all have a great Sunday.  It looks like it's going to be a magnificent day, and I intend to enjoy it.

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Daddy Hawk said...

What time is lunch and how do we get there?