Thursday, October 13, 2016

They Made All Kinds

The title is a take-off from a blog of almost the same name.  It features obscure firearms from the past.  Yesterday,they talked about the Springfield Model 1869 pistol.  A trapdoor design, quite an oddity.

The article says:
“Right after the Civil War Springfield Armory made eight (8) single shot 50/70 trapdoor pistols for US Cavalry officers for use in the Indian Wars. These guns were originally cavalry carbines that the factory modified the stocks, barrel, sights, etc and turned them into pistols.” 
A .50-70 Trapdoor pistol?  With that curved grip, I bet that the recoil was interesting.


Old NFO said...

WOW!!! I wonder how many times those got shot??? Once each?

Flugelman said...

In the way back when I had a friend that had a trapdoor 45-70. IIRC, he had found 10 rounds somewhere and if I would drive him out to the dump he would let me shoot it a couple of times. In my haste I put the lower point of the curved butt plate into my shoulder and touched it off. Damn near broke by shoulder! Once was enough. Can't imagine shooting that thing, even two handed.