Thursday, October 27, 2016

Hillary: False Prophet

Taking the high road this morning, we turn to Reason magazine, where we read an article by Shikha Dalmia.  She explains that Hillary is a false prophet to feminists.
The conundrum for feminists is that if they ask Clinton to reconcile her actions and positions, they risk exposing her hypocrisy and making her vulnerable in the face of an intolerable alternative. But if they don't, they end up undermining their own credibility and effectiveness. They can't even acknowledge that Clinton cannot use the bully pulpit to make sexual assault a big issue of her presidency. Most men would have been able to do more if they chose.
That's a problem as I see it.  And, it's a problem that strong women see through.  Hillary Clinton is a hypocrite on feminism, as she is on most issues.  Her public positions never track with her private positions.

I don't pretend to understand feminism as it exists today.  Truly, I don't.  I know that they're really pissed at Trump, but then they have to hold their noses when they talk about Bill Clinton.
 Indeed, there is no denying that one reason Trump is getting away with his sexual misconduct is because her husband, whom she enabled, got away with his.
Aye, and there is the rub.  Hillary is still married to Bill, and Bill is a man who is well known for a sleazy treatment of women.  Milady and I were discussinng this topic just last week.  Milady is convinced that Hillary has no self-respect because she has stayed with Bill.  In Milady's mind, no self-respecting woman would put up with that type of nonsense.

Donald Trump, or Hillary Clinton.  This is the election we have.  I do have to agree with Ms. Dalmia on one point, though.
Still, Clinton's victory will be no victory for feminism. In fact, it would have been far better for the movement if she had lost to a good man rather than won against a bad one.
Indeed.  Feminists should have considered that possibility early in the primaries and adjusted their voting choices.

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Termite said...

Even if by some miracle Trump wins the popular vote, I expect him to lose the Electoral College. And that is what matters.