Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Can Hillary Deny It?

The right-side internet is abuzz with a potentially (not really) video that James O'Keefe released, showing that Hillary Clinton is in serious violation of Federal Election Commission (FEC) law.
James O’Keefe takes you through the basics of illegal campaign coordination in the clip. Do note that Bob Creamer himself seems to understand that something untoward is being admitted when he tells the undercover investigator that Hillary is all-in on the sub-moronic “Donald ducks” idea — and then quickly urges him not to mention that elsewhere. Also note: This isn’t the first time recently that the Clinton campaign has been accused of coordination. A complaint has already been filed against them with the FEC alleging that they’re cooperating illegally with David Brock’s outfit Correct The Record. There are also questions regarding their relationship with the Clinton Super PAC Priorities USA.
The big question, though - can Hillary deny it?
 “Person after person after person is saying ‘this is all Hillary’s idea.’ So, Hillary… it’s going to be fascinating to watch,” O’Keefe concluded. “Because I don’t think she can lie about this. I don’t think she can deny it.”
Well, of course she can deny it.  Hillary can deny anything, and no one is going to hold her accountable.  If she wins, do you think that anyone is going to hold a sitting president accountable for a little matter of violating the election code?  Certainly not Jim Comey.  He's proven that he's incapable of indicting a major, elite, government official.  To his eternal disgrace, he's just exactly who Hillary needs in that position.


Judy said...

Which is why he is there.

To para-phrase Joe Stalin, it doesn't matter IF you vote, but WHO counts them. And they are not making much of an effort to hide the fact they have no regard for the Constitution or the Rule of Law. For this group the ends justify the means. There is no honor!

Anonymous said...

She wont deny it. She will ignore it. And, in the improbable event that someone - you know, one of those alleged 'journalists' - should keep after the story and insist on an answer, the response will not be from her but one of her minions who will remark dismissively that it's old news, or that her political opponents have twisted the facts, or even to blame another country. THAT will become the story...that it's not her fault, that actually she is the victim. It will have become another theme to be used to her advantage; 'elect me, I will break through that ceiling!' The allusion is, of course, that terrible bad white men are keeping her down and she is a surrogate of every other woman.