Monday, October 24, 2016


Blue Eyed Belle and I are staunch supporters of Cowboy Fast Draw, and all it represents.  We believe that it's a lot of fun, and we believe that (apart from the fun), the education that it provides is invaluable to any type of shooting.  With a motto of "Safety First, Fun Second, Competition Third" the organization captures the idea that we can be safe, be friendly, and have fun while competing at at high level of competition.

Yesterday in a boot store, I had finished my purchases to find Belle looking at belt buckles.  I asked her playfully if she were buying bling, and she told me that the buckle on her trousers belt sometimes got in the way of the buckle on her gun belt.  Belle is a tiny little gal, about 5'2', and 110 pounds sopping wet. Gun belt fit is important, so I simply nodded my head.

The sales lady, Peggy, happened to overhear the comment and asked "Gun belt?"

Belle, studying the merchandise, remarked over her shoulder.  "Yeah, we're gunfighters."

"Gunfighters?" Peggy asked.  "Seriously?"

"Yep." Belle made her selection. "We travel the country getting into gunfights."

Belle and Peggy started talking about shooting, and Cowboy Fast Draw, and our Youth program, and the travel, and the fun, and the equipment, and Belle sent me out to the car for brochures.  Peggy said that she'd put the brochures on the bulletin board, and if anyone asked, she'd give them one of the extras.

This weekend, we're traveling to Silsbee, TX for a shoot, and in two weeks, we're hosting our invitational match.  For the next three weeks, Belle and I will be in full CFDA mode.

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Old NFO said...

Enjoy, and thanks for spreading the word! :-)