Thursday, October 20, 2016

The Winchester Revolver

Turning our eyes away from the depressing news cycle, we look toward more interesting topics, and as I normally do, I look for shooty goodness.  Today, we learn of a revolver that we never suspected that it even existed.  The Winchester revolver, Model of 1883.

As seen at They Made All Kinds.

I had never heard of a Winchester revolver, but the linked article claims that this one was made by Winchester prior to a gentlemen's agreement between Colt and Winchester.
Supposedly a 1884 meeting between Winchester and Colt, where Winchester showed Colt the new Winchester designed revolver and shortly after that both companies agreed to non-compete with each other, however they reserved the right to design and produced prototypes for patent work development. This "gentleman's agreement" has since been maintained with each company staying out of the other's respective sector of the firearms market.”
I had heard other stories and read claims that Winchester and Colt had agreed to stay within their respective market niches .

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Old NFO said...

Heard that, and it's most probably true, considering that Colt dropped their revolving rifles and never did any other development.