Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Disparate Treatment

Oh, look, here's a guy who did exactly what Hillary Clinton did.
Last week, a person was arrested for allegedly having classified documents at home without authorization. No, it wasn’t Hillary Clinton—but it makes you wonder, why not?
The article goes on to detail why this set of facts is almost exactly like Hillary's set of facts.  Hillary is running for the presidency.  Others are going to jail.
 The FBI and the DOJ are left in the untenable situation going forward of either letting go other people that are reckless with national security secrets, or violating the rule of equality under the law by charging people differently based on the same set of facts. Either way, our country is in a significantly worse place today than before Hillary Clinton’s reckless protection of our national security secrets.


Anonymous said...

Harold Thomas Martin, III. Remember that name. Over a dozen federal and local officers wearing full tactical gear breached his property with overwhelming force. Federal agents trespassed and damaged neighboring property and threatened neighbors with arrest if they did not immediately go back inside their homes, even while standing on their own property.

Meanwhile, not the FBI nor DOJ have even harsh words for the she beast. There's more; that dolt Josh Earnest announces that Odummy and the DOJ are serious about protecting national security information.

Old NFO said...

And he should use the "Hillary" defense...