Tuesday, October 04, 2016

September Sales Record

It seems that September set a new sales record, with almost 2 million NICS checks processed during the month.  Americans are buying guns ahead of the election.
1,992,219 checks were conducted through the National Instant Criminal Background Check System, or NICS, last month. The number represents an increase of nearly 200,000 checks, or more than ten percent, over September 2015. September is the 17th month in a row to set a new record within its month, a streak dating back to May 2015
That's quite a month, and a couple of those were probably mine.  I bought a couple of guns in September, a small youth shotgun for the grandkids to hunt with, and a backup to my Uberti race gun.
What I'm wondering, though, is out of nearly 2 million checks, how many people Lynch's Justice department opened cases on.  With record sales, there were bound to have been a few of them that were turned down for one reason or another.    Certainly there were two million checks, and I'm sure that at least one or two were turned down because the buyers were prohibited persons.

Surely, I jest.  FBI doesn't arrest people any more.  Not for brazen security breaches, not for obstructing justice, not for destroying evidence.  They've become a politicized branch of the DNC and unless they have orders from their masters, they don't make any waves.

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