Friday, October 07, 2016

Soak the Taxpayer

Would someone explain to me why taxpayers are expected to pony up money to pay for football stadiums that the NFL wants to use?  I know that the state of Louisiana built the Superdome for the Saints, and now it looks like the state of Nevada is considering a new stadium.
Gov. Brian Sandoval (R) on Wednesday said he will call the legislature into session to consider using state money for the new stadium, along with separate measures to deal with an expected budget shortfall and education funding.
It seems to me that if Nevada has a budget shortfall and education problems, iti should be pouring its money into those things before it builds a stadium.  Don't bother telling me that if the state builds the stadium, the stadium will bring in outside money in the form of hotel rooms, restaurant revenue..  If the NFL built the stadium with its own money, the hotels would still fill up, the restaurants would be busy.  The state doesn't need to get involved with that.  If the NFL's business model relys on public stadiums, then it is a poor business model.  Perhaps they should start paying the players less to create controversy.  I'm nust sayin'.

Personally, I don't watch much football.  I particularly don't give a crap about the NFL. Inn my mind, they're a bunch of overpaid prima-donnas playing a child's game.  I do like high school and college ball, and I may watch a part of tthe Super Bowl, but in the main, I believe NFL ball to be a big yawner.

And, I don't see why taxpayers should be involved in it at all.


juvat said...

I think they're overpaid Thugs, but other than that, you nailed it.

Anonymous said...

Brother, this is nothing compared to what I read last night. Go to at top right click on Taxable Income Report. It is a .pdf titled, Taxable Income - The Evolution of the US Income Tax Deception.

Holy cow, it will open your eyes. Even if only a small part of it is true, you will be slack jawed.

Anonymous said...

I now see my comment looks like it could be a troll or that I am hawking something. This especially because I posted as anonymous. I honestly have no association with Larken Rose nor am I trying to get more hits to his site or something like that. My name is rick and I comment regularly on the GBBL blogs. I'm merely wanting to pass on some good information.

Anonymous said...

Damn, PawPaw, you could be reading my mind (or I yours)!
Trashville built a big new stadium for the Titans (then still the Oilers) when they came to town. Not my money--I live up near Kentucky, not down in that cesspool--but it still annoyed me. If they bring in so much money, let 'em build their own facilities.
We also agree about the lack of attraction to it. I've never been interested in watching grown men run around playing a little kids' game. Would as many folks watch if it were the National Hide-and-go-seek League?
Please, don't answer that. With the world we now live in, a lot probably would. I've heard of "reality TV". Yes, people would watch, in droves (or maybe in their living rooms).
--Tennessee Budd