Monday, October 10, 2016

Yemeni Mohametans Target US Destroyer

Multiple new agencies are reporting that a US Navy destroyer was fired upon by Yemeni Mohametans.
The US Navy destroyer USS Mason came under fire by two missiles off the coast of Yemen in the early evening hours Sunday.
Of course, the Mohametans didn't hit the ship.  From reports, didn't even come close, but as I recall my earlier history lessons, and briefings from my military career, firing on a flagged vessel was normally considered an actof war, and retaliation would be swift and brutal.  So, I'm sure that our valiant sailors aboard the Mason took care of business and wiped out a couple of Yemeni grid-squares.

Oh, wait.  This is Ray Mabus' Navy.  Of course they didn't retaliate.
Speaking on condition of anonymity, the source said the incident was now under investigation.
"We take this very seriously," the official said. "We will protect our people."
It looks like you take it seriously.  The only investigation you should be doing is a battlefield damage assessment  Teddy Roosevelt is rolling in his grave.

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Jack said...

"Give me a fast ship..." - So I can get the hell outa there, I guess...