Friday, October 28, 2016

Breaking! FBI To Look Into Clinton Emails

NBC News broke the story today, and Fox News is reporting that the FBI will continue to look into Clinton's emails.
The FBI language in the letter to Congress makes clear that new evidence has been discovered and thus will be reviewed — meaning FBI agents will read these emails. It is unusual for the FBI to tell Congress it is looking over newly discovered evidence in a criminal inquiry that was otherwise closed.
It looks as if the continuing Wikileaks revelations is doing the job that Comey didn't want to do. This may be a case of "too-little-too-late",   The election is only ten days away, and early voting has started damned near everywhere.

I'm sure that FBI Director Comey has been reading PawPaw's House and the thorough revulsion that an old cop has been outlining against him.  Maybe he decided to try and salvage the tatters of his reputation. He's too late, it's completely shredded. Comey is going to have egg on his face when he has to arrest the president-elect for multiple felonies.

The Assange revelations have shown that the Clinton mob is a corrupt organization, amenable to the RICO statutes.  If Comey is smart, he'll keep his yap shut until he puts his case together, but the first thing he needs to do is to pull the passports of all the principals in the investigation.  We don't want them trying to flee the country when the indictments come down.

**UPDATE** It seems that the FBI found some stuff when they searched electronic devices seized as part of the Anthony Weiner investigation.  You may recall that Anthony Weiner is the husband of Huma Abedin, a close aide to Hillary.  So, as part of the Weiner investigation, they found new stuff?

That's it, irony is officially dead in 2016.


Eaton Rapids Joe said...

My guess is that the Obama/Jarrett brandname decided that they needed to do damage control. They were running the risk of having future Obama candidates indelibly tainted and needed to redeem the brand.

Anonymous said...

Let the merriment begin: Dickieleaks? A leaky weiner? A c taken down by a weiner?

Old NFO said...

Hillary taken down by a weiner she couldn't control... Love the irony there! :-)