Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Fact Checking

Hat tip to Old NFO, and I'm going to leave this here so that we can find it later.

Hillary likes the Australian example, and thinks that it is worth considering.  Those are her words.  Worth Considering.

When all the spin is over, when it's all said and done, Hillary Clinton wants your guns.  It doesn't matter if you're a hunter, a collector, a recreational shooter, a Cowboy Fast Draw, or IPSC, or USPSA or SASS shooter.  Nor yet a skeet, trap, or sporting clays shooter.  Hillary wants your guns.

It doesn't matter that she's protected by the very guns, every day, that she wants to ban.  No, that doesn't matter at all.  If she gets her semi-auto ban, do you think that her protective detail is going to switch over to revolvers?  If she bans the modern sporting rifle, do you think her protective squad is going to switch over to lever rifles?  Oh, no, she's proven that she is above the law.  Much to Comey's disgrace, she now truly believes that the law doesn't apply to her or her staff.  Hillary ca do whatever-the-hell she wants to do, and

But, if you really want to know what Hillary thinks about guns, don't believe her campaign spin.  Listen to her words.

That should tell you everything that you need to know.  Hillary thinks that the Australian example is worth considering.

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JimB said...

You can't buy back what you never owned.