Sunday, October 30, 2016


My son is a metal-worker and his wife is a graphic artist.  They've blended their two crafts into one product that is reaaly cool.  They've done some limited commercial applications, for events, and we think that it's just cooler than all-get-out.

Those double-insulated steel tumblers that are all the rage these days.  The two of them have come up with a way to etch the tumbler, to personalize it.  Wife makes a stencil in negavite, hubby applies it to the tumbler, then blasts it in his sand-blast cabinet.  The result is a blasted finish on the cup that won't wear off.  We think it's really attractive and personalizes the cup.

Here's one that they did for Blue Eyed Belle.  That tumbler is a 30 oz RTIC, but they can do any of them.

I think that looks pretty darned great.  Don't you?

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Judy said...

Yes, it is!

Do they have a web site to order one?