Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Target Hanger

Today's project is a target hanger, a stand to hang swinging targets.  It's made from an old swingset frame.  I scrounged the frame from my brother-in-law who was taking it to the dump.  I cut it down to about five feet tall and added some hanging hooks.

I've ordered targets from Quality Targets, flat top gongs, that I'll hang one one side.  The other side will have our home-made gong targets.  Those targets should be here in the next several days.  My son scrounged some industrial webbing that we'll use to hang the targets.  We tried using chain on the prototype, but chain is easily cut by a bullet.  I feel that the webbing will let a high shot simply slip through.

Hopefully, in another week or so, we can try it out.

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