Friday, June 01, 2012

The Hunting Rig

Over at Field and Stream, Bourjaily talks about his hunting rig, a 2004 Jeep Liberty.  It's a nice ride, I'm sure, but not something I'd use as a hunting vehicle.  I don't know where Mr. Bourjaily hunts or how much money he's got to dedicate to hunting, but around here, a hunting vehicle has to wear many hats.

If you look at the vehicles in the driveways around these parts, you're liable to see a nice car, depending on family size, it might be a sedan, it might be a crossover, it might be a van.  That's the wife's car, the family ride, the vehicle everyone gets in when they're going to church, or the grocers.  Then there's the pickup.  Generally, Dad drives the pickup.  It will be several years older than Momma's ride, mainly because Dad wants Mom in the newest ride for dependability, and Dad can't stand more than one car note.  It's hell being poor-folks, even when you've gotten past that part of your life.

The pickup truck is ubiquitous in these parts.  Nearly everybody owns one.  Those that don't own one can call their Dad to borrow his.  Here's mine.

It's a standard F150, but it wears many hats.  Everyday work truck, trailer hauler, hunting rig, chore vehicle, it's got well over 150,000 miles and still going strong.  It'll haul a refrigerator, tow a trailer, carry firewood to the lease, it'll do all  manner of things that need to be done.  Gas mileage?  If you're worried about gas mileage you've got no business driving a pickup truck, although the newer ones get much better mileage than the ones my dad drove.

I can't imagine being without a pickup truck.


Gerry N. said...

Heh. My wife's ride is a 2010 Hyndai Tuscon, the economy model. She loves it. Mine is a '92 F150, it has over 225K on the odometer, but I cheated. It has a nice new entine, a high end rebuild from Precision Engines in Spokane. Less than 10K on it. When the old engine failed (previous owner evidently never heare the term "oil change") I had a 350 installed instead of the stock 302. It was a good decision. Lots more power and about three more miles to the gallon for an average of 17. At my age, 67 going on 14, it'll likely be my last vehicle if luck holds out. I like it a lot and the newer pickups don't show me a thing. Yup, I'm a Ford man through and through.

Gerry N.

Anonymous said...

"You can set (my truck) on
fire and roll it down a hill,
Still wouldn't trade it for a
Coupe DeVille..."

Been driving Dodge Dakotas for a
while. They've been what I could
afford to pay cash for where I live.
I'd have a Ranger or an F150 if the
price on either had been right.