Friday, June 29, 2012

The Drinking Age

I remember as a kid, lobbying, marching, raising general hell until the several states lowered the drinking age to 18.  We were subject to the draft and thought it only fair that we should be allowed to vote, drink, do everything that all adults do.  In 1984, the law changed again, when the Fed.Gov, in a huge over-reach coerced the several states into raising the drinking age to 21 or lose federal highway money.

Yesterday, while John Roberts was screwing us, he made such coercion unconstitutional.  I wonder when the several states will lower their drinking age back to 18, the age of adulthood for most of the land.  If it's unconstitutional to coerce the states over Medicare money, it should certainly be unconstitutional to coerce them over highway money.

Unintended consequences, and all that bullshit.  That said, I think I'll pour myself a drink.  I'm certainly over the age of 21, won't be driving this evening, and I don't think that they'll make drinking at home illegal before tomorrow morning.  But they might tax it.

I spit in the general direction of John Roberts.

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