Thursday, June 28, 2012

On Stolen Valor

The Supremes brought out another case this morning, where they held that lying about getting the Medal of Honor is free speech.  From Justice Kennedy's opinion
Lying was his habit. Xavier Alvarez, the respondent here, lied when he said that he played hockey for theDetroit Red Wings and that he once married a starlet fromMexico. But when he lied in announcing he held the Congressional Medal of Honor, respondent ventured onto new ground; for that lie violates a federal criminal statute, theStolen Valor Act of 2005. 18 U. S. C. §704.
To paraphrase Kennedy: It ain't criminal because free speech is a bulwark of the republic and Alvarez didn't try to make money from it. The military fights to protect our rights and one of those is free speech. He's despicable, but he ain't a criminal.

Well, here's some more free speech, from PawPaw.  Xavier Alvarez is a lying scumbag, a reprehensible piece of shit.  He deserves to drown in the saliva of good American veterans and to starve to death because his jaw is wired shut from the beatings he so richly deserves.  Xavier Alvarez is a sonofabitch who dishonors his family, casts aspersions on his associates and should be expelled from whatever business or office he frequents.  If I ever personally see Xavier Alvarez, I intend to give him a good free speech cussing, the likes of which he'll never forget.

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Termite said...

Reluctantly, I agree that he is protected by the 1st Amendment.

But yeah, he's a piece of crap that desperately needs an ass-kicking.