Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day

I'm reminded that it's Father's Day and that I'm a father.  I live with that fact and take great pride in my family, those that I love and those that love me.  Being a Father is much, much more than just a Sunday in June, it's an everyday task.  I wouldn't know how to act, not being a father.  My blog title alludes to that status, and like the sidebar says, the most important people in my life call me PawPaw.  I take great joy in my children and my grandchildren and can't imagine a parent who lives apart from family by choice.

The one thing I'd like to do today is drink another cup of coffee with my father.  That's not possible and I'm not maudlin about it.  Simple fact, the old man died several years ago.  Still, he lives in my heart and my head and I'm grateful for the life and example he left me.  I've tried to emulate his example and take care of my family the best that I could.  I failed sometimes and I succeeded sometimes, and I've learned that being present is the most important part of being a Dad. 

Milady asked me what I wanted for lunch today and I told her that if I get to chose, I want hot dogs, sausage dogs, chili-sausage dogs, great dripping greasy sandwiches with buns and beer.  I mean, hell, if it's my day, lets go for the gold.  After church this morning, I'm going to fire-off the charcoal pit.


Old NFO said...

Well said Sir! WELL SAID!

Dave O. said...

Chili sausage dogs. I'm a little envious, but then again, I had a rack of ribs today I didn't have to share(I love my 6 and 8 yr old daughters, but glad to have my own!), so I can't complain.