Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Really?  Naked Vacations?
(Reuters) - When the Carnival Freedom sets sail from Florida next February for an eight-day cruise to Panama, it will offer the same amenities as any other Carnival cruise: three pools, a jogging track, a 1970s dance club and a cigar bar. But there is one stark difference. Passengers on the white behemoth of a ship, which can carry 2,974 passengers, will enjoy those facilities naked.
Okay, then!  My libertarian streak says that if folks want to sail the open seas sans sarongs, more power to them.  It's supposed to be a free country and if you like sailing nude, more power.

It ain't for PawPaw, though.  I don't even like wearing shorts.  My usual summertime lounging attire is jeans and a tee-shirt.   And, I'm willing to bet that most of the fellow travelers won't be supermodels, either.

I'll pass on nekkid vacations.


Steve said...

Good to know for anyone ever considering a cruise on that particular ship.

be603 said...

"Stand by for heavy rolls, secure all gear adrift… I repeat… stand by for heavy rolls,"

Anonymous said...

I'd want the entire ship washed down in bleach before I took the cruise that follows this one.