Friday, June 01, 2012

New Springs

I've been shooting the handguns, preparing for qualifications later this month. I normally qualify on three or four different handguns, depending on how long the examiner will let me stay on the range. This morning I noticed that a couple of my 1911 magazines seemed to have weak springs.  The slide wasn't locking back on an empty magazine.  I keep a couple of Wilson replacement springs and followers in my parts bin, so I took them out and replaced the springs after I cleaned the pistols.

Now, my magazines work.  The next time I make an order, I'll have to stock up on springs.  It's an easy fix and makes the pistol run like it should.  There is very seldom anything wrong with a magazine body.  Springs are a cheap fix.

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Rivrdog said...

Any clue on how long 1911springs last? GI vs. aftermarket? Can they go bad, loaded, in your SHTF bag? Might it be possible to make a gage to tell you what the remaining tension is?