Wednesday, June 06, 2012

What's Today? Wednesday?

I started this morning by going to the doctor for bloodwork.  Nothing to get excited about, we do this every 6 months.  It's more a pain in the butt than a problem.

Thence to the range, not to shoot, but to talk with my buddies.  While I was there, the recovery guru called from the church, so I headed out there.  Work continues apace, but she wanted to ask me some questions and we got those issues solved.

I came home and started looking at the news.  It appears that the Wisconsin recall election turned out to be win for the Conservatives.  According to Hot Air:
After winning more votes in a recall election than he did in his original 2010 victory, Walker tells Fox and Friends that voters have proven that when an officeholder delivers on his promises and “takes on the tough challenges,” voters will reward him:

As I recall, Wisconsin went for Obama in 2008, based on lots of things, but there's no denying that the public service unions got their butts handed to them last night. Governor Walker made the tough choices, turned the state around, and now we can't look at it as solidly blue. That's a win for our side, and I'm sure that Team Obama will be poring over the results in the next couple of days.

We can't get cocky, but we're winning.

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