Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Lot'sa Weather

Summer is on us with a vengeance, but not like it is in Florida.  Those poor folks won't have to worry about drought for a while, nor burn bans.  It's not over for them yet.  From the NOAA:

Here in central Louisiana, we've got our own challenges.  Almost the opposite of our Florida cousins.  This is the cheerful greeting I got from the Weather Channel this morning.

Oh, Joy!  I think most of this day will be indoors.

I've got my cell phone tracking the weather at our vacation spot this year, North Myrtle Beach, SC, and it tells me that right now the weather there is 73 degrees and sunny.  Two more weeks.


Gerry N. said...

Here in Far Away, Exotic W. WA it is about 65F, gently raining and a bit gray. All in all a pleasant morning. My back yard looks like a jungle on the other side of the fence. I need to get some Round-Up for when the sun shines again and I can nuke the blackberries, belladonna and bindweed. There's some English Ivy trying to strangle my wild cherry and I intend to call in air strikes on it, too. Round-Up is my friend.

In three weeks or so, I'll broadcast some meadow flower mix over the shriveled carcasses of the noxious weeds. They'll begin blooming in about two months, drawing in butterflies and birds and requiring no further effort on my part. That mix of flowering plants is very pretty under the jungle.

Anonymous said...

I drove from West Texas to Austin today. It was 108 where I drove from and I passed through towns where bank signs said it was 115. Hot and dry most everywhere here.