Friday, June 08, 2012


The anti's are at it again, this time suing the EPA for failing to ban lead ammunition. 
(Reuters) - Environmental groups filed suit on Thursday seeking federal regulation of lead in ammunition, claiming exposure to the toxic metal from spent bullets fired into the environment by hunters kills millions of birds and poses a risk to human health.
This suit comes on the heels of the Congress telling the EPA that it's got no interest in lead ammnunition.
The lawsuit comes the same day U.S. Senators Jon Tester, a Montana Democrat, and John Thune, a Republican from South Dakota, filed an amendment to the federal Farm Bill that would ban the EPA from regulating lead ammunition. The U.S. House has already passed legislation exempting the EPA from regulating lead-based bullets.
The anti's just don't get it. Lead is only harmful in very limited situations, and most lead in the form of bullets and shot is simply not harmful. Personally, I think that the lead-shot ban for waterfowl was an over-reach, and that ban has been in effect since 1991.

So, the Congress is telling the EPA that they have no interest in lead ammunition in the form of legislation banning the EPA from looking at lead ammunition, and the anti's want the EPA to look at lead ammunition.  Personally, I  think that the EPA is one of those agencies that should just go away.  They've been more of a pain-in-the-ass than a viable agency for the past 20 years.  Their history is one of over-reach and horror stories abound.  The EPA is one of those agencies that should be dismantled layer by layer and discarded on the ash-heap of failed ideas.

Hat tip to Jeff Soyer.

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Rivrdog said...

I disagree, sir. Don't ban the EPA layer by layer, ban it in one fell swoop. Any worthwhile ongoing projects can be re-scheduled with other departments.