Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Jesse Jackson, Increasingly Irrelevant

I've had great fun in the past several years, poking fun at the Rev'rund Jackson.  He is increasingly irrelevant.  His only contribution to civil rights in the past 30 years has been showing how you can recycle a failed message and gather cash from the people willing to buy into that failed message.

In one recent initiative, he had a crowd of only three protestors.  And he didn't show. All two of Jesse Jackson's Impotent Protesters being shouted down by the crowd of Range Supporters

Hilarous.  He is protesting guns in Detroit, and there are no gun dealers in Detroit.  Somehow, the message fails to resonate.  Jackson is iconic, but he's become the icon of a failed message, not of civil rights.  His message is one of race-baiting and outdated divisiveness.

Like many of my generation, I support civil rights for all Americans.  Further,  I reject racists of all stripes, especially those who caricature the civil rights movement of the '60s.  The Rev'rund Jackson would be amusing if he simply weren't so pathetic.

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