Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Governmental Ethics

I just completed a one-hour online course of Governmental Ethics, required of all elected officials and public employees of the state of Louisiana. As a sheriff's deputy, I qualify. No doubt ethics training is something we need, but an online, one-hour Powerpoint presentation is cruel and unusual. Additionally, the presenter's voice droned in a monotone.

 It was like listening to paint dry. Luckily, the Dawg needed scratching, which gave me something to do during the training. Hence, we accomplished two things. First, I got my required training, additionally the The Dawg got a good scratching.

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Gerry N. said...

It seems to me that by the time one is old enough to become a Gov't. Official/Employee he should have learned the difference between right and wrong. When a Gov't. Official/Employee does wrong he should be fired and severely punished. Official training is just a way for higher ups to cover their sorry asses.

Remember when the Algore protested that "there was no controlling authority" as an excuse for one of his misdeeds? That was when I knew as a certainty that he was a lying, cheating gob of pond scum. (With apologies to actual pond scum.) And no amoung of official ethics training would undo that fact. He was, after all, a trained seminarian. God's gonna have some interesting questions for Mr. Algore, I think.