Friday, June 15, 2012

Collecting Kids

Some of the grandkids have been away at camp this week, a church camp that is highly recommended.  Milady wants to drive down today and collect them, so we're off in another hour or so to get them.  We're on the hook to collect just one, but with five grandkids at the same camp, it will be interesting to see who wants to drive home with Mom and who wants to drive home with Grandma.

I remember camps as a boy, and as a parent taking my kids to camp.  And coming home on the last day, exhausted, chigger-bitten, sunburned, and thoroughly excited.  Going to camp was always the highlight of my summer vacation and I hope that the grandkids had nearly as much fun as I had.

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Gerry N. said...

The Summer of 1955 I wanted to to to Scout Camp so badly I could nearly taste it. It cost $20 and we simply didn't have it or any part of it. One of the other kids in the troop got sick and I was chosen to take his place. That weeek was the high point of my childhoodd. The kid that got sick and I are still good friends and every year, the Missus and I pay for a kid to go to Scout Camp. It has been an investment I'm glad to make.

Gerry N.