Monday, June 25, 2012

Good Monring, Debby!

It looks like Debbie is going to take aim at the Florida coastline, although she'll probably come ashore as a storm and not a hurricane.  These things spawn tornadoes, though, and a tropical storm is nothing to sneeze at.  Someone is going to lose a roof.

Where it goes after it savages northern Florida is anybody's guess.  This is a slow moving tropical storm and those have time to gather momentum and grind on you.


Melissa said...

If it takes the track specified my poor folks are in for it! It will come ashore at their house on the coast and travel over Gainesville. Twice the fun!

Gerry N. said...

This all makes me happy that I live in the Puget Sound basin. Catastrophic weather here is a night of 40-50mph gusts, a little rain and a few trees down on power lines then fixin' breakfast on a campstove by the light of a Coleman Lantern,listening to the weather reports on a battery radio, with the power back on by 10 ayem.

Gerry N.