Saturday, June 02, 2012

Aviation Saturday

I've always been in love with airplanes of all types, especially general aviation.  I've also been toying with the idea of getting my Sport Pilot license as part of my bucket list.  Last week, my buddy Termite invited me to a breakfast put on by our local chapter of the Experimental Aircraft Association.  They meet at the Buhlow Lake airport outside of Pineville, LA every first Saturday and have a fund-raiser breakfast.  Lots of folks in attendance and lots of airplanes to drool over.

Here's Milady standing in front of an absolutely beautiful, fully restored, 1946 Aeronca. This aircraft was two years in the rebuild, but it's spectacular. Owned by Ken Eversull, it was the darling of the morning. The work on this craft is absolutely pristine, as evidenced by the detail of the interior.

An absolutely beautiful aircraft and one that deserves to fly. Parked beside it was another as nice, a 1945 Aeronca.

The interior of that one was as nice as the first.

Great aircraft, great breakfast, good conversation. A thoroughly worthy Saturday morning. Thanks for breakfast, Termite!

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