Saturday, June 09, 2012

Scientific Literacy

Are you literate in science?  Mostly Cajun linked to this test.  Go Forth and be humbled.  I only scored 64%.

Thanks for all the comments, and humbling scores.  I draw solace from the knowledge that when I was in school studying basic science, we only had four elements on the periodic table.


mostly cajun said...

Don't be discouraged. I think that anyone who scores above 50% is probably in the top 10% of the population as a whole.


Anonymous said...

Took it a few weeks ago - 96%
one dumb error, one genuinely didn't know.
more astronomy on it than I expected.

-- ARRognlie

Old NFO said...

90... sigh... and missed TWO easy ones!

Anonymous said...

That was fun...I managed to get an 82% on that brain twister.


JPG said...

I got 34 0f 50, or 68%, but I admit I was just making halfway
21 educated guesses on a few of my correct answers. I admit it: I was horrible at chemistry in both HS and college.

Rivrdog said...

Some WAGS, got most of those, plenty of deduced correct answers, got 76%, a "C".

Believe it or not, I missed the one weather question about "nimbus"