Thursday, June 14, 2012

Wasted Days and Wasted Nights

Supposedly I'm off, but I've been doing stuff all day that could better have been done while I was working.  The HR folks called and told me that I was missing some documents in my file and that I needed to go get a TB test and a uninalysis, so I went over to the OHS center to get those tests.  The gave me a TB test and told me to come back on Thursday.  I had Milady look at the test site this morning and she scoffed, told me that I was negative, but that I still had to go to OHS, so I went over there and they read it as maybe, sorta, kinda positive.  Sent me to the health unit for a blood test. 

I went by Milady's office (she's an RN, works for a surgeon) and took her to lunch, talked about TB, and she's still convinced that I'm negative, moreso the LPN's at the OHS place are idiots.  Still, I've gotta go to the health unit, so I went over there expecting to get a chest X-ray, but was told that there's a brand new test out that uses blood, provides a more positive test than the skin test.  So, they drew blood and told me that if there was any problem, someone would get in touch with me.

Walk into the doctor's office as a healthy man, walk out a broken cripple headed for the bone-yard.  That's my take on most of the medical profession and this days activities have done nothing to disabuse me of that notion.  With 20 years in corrections and a combined 30 year law enforcement career, there is little doubt that I've been exposed to lots of things.  That doesn't mean that I have those diseases.  I had blood tests last week at my primary physician.  I bet if I was sick, he'd have told me.

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Cybrludite said...

You work for "Da' Big O" as well? Small world. I'm pretty much the IT department between midnight & 07:30.