Monday, June 11, 2012


Reflecting on the day, I realize that I never saw my shotgun target.  2 slugs and 10 rounds of buckshot, I should have shot the center out of that thing.  However, as soon as the line was finished, the rangemaster put us on another task while the instructor scored the targets.  I never walked up to the target to look at it, being fairly certain that I qualified.

A little later, some one called my name, and I gave them a YO!, then they said "nevermind".  Being the smartass I am I told them that I was very good at nevermind.  I guess whoever hollered at me was taking my target to the trash bin.  Still, I never saw my shotgun target today.  I'm certain I qualified because I've never NOT qualified with the shotgun.  I'll have to ask to see the scorecards tomorrow.

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